Monday, May 31, 2010

Review: Shills Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask

This is definitely 1 of my fave mask so far!!! :)
can be found locally at SASA, selling at $25.90 for 7pc. i got mine online from mybeautyrights spree(links on the right) for abt $2.1/pc when i buy 2boxes at 1 go.

Its a deep cleansing Mask, with whitening properties. Save me alot of trouble when i don feel using those wash off deep cleansing mask.
This mask claims to be able to suck out the impurities, minimise pores, able to hydrate skin at the same time.

there is quite alot of essence in each mask (25ml), and the cutest thing is the mask is black in color haa! the mask fits my face perfectly. Smell great seriously…i threw my box away so i cant check the ingredients (will update once i buy them again).. but if im nt wrong, no fragrance is added in this mask. definitely no alcohol as well. contains witch hazel & hyaluronic acid. No need to rinse after usage.

i can see that my face is very much brighter (even better than my whitening masks) & clearer & cleaner. my face is less oily the next day too. some pimples became smaller and they look less red the next morning.

one bad is that it leaves a somewhat sticky feeling.. not the usual sticky feel u get from other mask, but a dry sticky feeling. ok its v hard to explain haha. for eg, when ur face fully absorbed the essence, and is dry, the face will feel smooth yet ur hair can stick on ur face. i hope i m not making it sound weird here lol. but this certainly wont stop me using this mask!

Verdict: 10/10 this mask will remain as my HG mask till the day my face rejects it.. full marks shows how much i love this mask!
本地的SASA(一盒7片,$25.90),或mybeautyrights (看右边,网上订购,一次购买2盒,1片大概$2.10)能买到。

Review: Skinvitals T-Purify Mask

Skinvitals is available at Watson, its currently having a discount, 3 for $9.90, usu $12.90. they have discounts quite often, so do try to stock during sale!
its a Anti-spot Cleansing clarifying mask, with tea tree & rosemary.

Tea tree is well known for combating breakouts..Rosemary is for cleansing the skin, keepin skin healthy looking & Eucalyptus is for soothing, radiant & refreshing. Sounds gd right? there is soluble collagen for firming & toning too!

there is quite a bit of essence soaked in the mask (25ml), not to the extent of dripping though. material is towards cloth quality. the tea tree smell is abit strong at 1st. i dont realli like the smell actually, but luckily the smell went away after a couple of minutes. No fragrance, No alcohol added. Fits my face shape q nicely & eye area is big enuf. i dont really lk those mask with small “eye rings”, cos they will be too close to the sensitive eye areas.. may cause bumps too.
this is absolutely unbelievable!!! this mask is a godsend to me seriously! my zits shrink significantly in size trust me!! it became v much smaller, and yet my face look abit radiant & less oily at the same time!! to think i slept at 4am yest. they looked abit dried up & less red! im so impressed! skin does look clearer, pimples look calmer too. face is not smooth, is the clean-dish feeling.
Verdict: 10/10

Skinvitals 能在本地的Watson 买到,一盒(三片)$12.90,现在有特价,$9.90。他们常常有类似的促销活动。
这款是抗痘洁净面膜,含有茶树精油 (Tea Tree)、迷迭香精油 (Rosemary)和桉树
(Eucalyptus) 。
每片面膜有25ml 的精华液,分量刚好,不会滴得到处都是。面膜的质地也很不错,比普通的面膜好多了,滑滑的,也不会太薄,与布的质地相似。茶树精油的味道刚开始相当重,但过了几分钟后就没了。面膜无香料,也不含酒精。面膜的敷贴性也不错,符合我脸的尺寸。

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review: Ettusais 艾杜纱

I shall review the only trusted brand i apply on my face ever since the breakout after my tokyo trip last week >.<>.< it has been with me for 2+ years. i can really see ettusais combating my zits and keeping my face in control lately. its like you wont see the good of it when you are with it, but once you go without it, you will realise its good haha! Ettusais can be found at various departmental stores such as BHG bugis & junction 8, metro (Paragon, causeway point), Isetan (wisma).

1) Version Up Extra
it acts as a softener and after applying my face really feel soft, not oily too! works v well with the shooter too. 1 bottle last me a year.. so it actually v cheap. it comes in refill bottle too.

2) refreshing shooter extra
rather refreshing. though its in liquid form, but the shooter is actually a moisturiser. bcos of this, i find it rather hard to mix other brands with ettusais skincare. the VU & Shooter must wk together i feel. in the long run, it really helps control my breakout! 1 bottle last me about 3 to 4months.

3) Medicated acne gentle wash
a rather cheap soap cleanser but not v hygenic i thought. luckily i got a ettusais soap casing so it helps to keep it clean, but leaving it in the toilet just dont feel good. moreover, its q drying for me. so i dint cont after the 1st soap. the sulphur smell is v gd as well.

4) Medicated Pre-acne care sheet
this sheet really helps to keep my pimples at bay & soothe them! but its damn ex.. costing me 70cents for the size of a plaster. >.< so i usually cut the small sheet into tiny ones so i can fully utilise them haha. this is one of my HG fr ettusais.

5) Medicated whitening Eye treatment (yellow tube, from whitening line)
my 1st ever eye cream. nv gave me major problems, seems to be able to combat my dark circles efficiently reasonably priced as well. only complaint is that the packaging looks ugly lol! texture is q light, easily absorbed.

6) zero pore pact (oil block)
my 1st and only foundation so far! coverage is so-so, cant really conceal my red scars but oil control is q good. made my face look smooth. the color suits me well, most friends dint realise i put powder.

7) Day protect powder
got it as a monthly freebie fr ettusais. the powder is really fine..made my face look smooth and look natural. an alternative to the zero pore pact.

8 ) oil block (make up base)
gave me a radiant look and i tnk it helps to conceal pores haha. oil control is not v impressive. 1 bottle lasted me a year too, so q cheap in the long run. but i dont think its suitable for darker pple cos it may leave a ‘white film’ on their faces.

9) Medicated acne gentle make off
its in gel form, rather thick but can still be massage q easily on face. q decent but dont emulsify as fast as dhc’s cleansing oil.

10) Medicated acne clear spots superior
useless! dont work for me at all, the worst product ive ever tried from ettusais.

11) White shooter dual effect
more oily than the refreshing shooter, dont really see the whitening effect after half a bottle. prefer the refreshing shooter better.

12) Lip Essence Spf 18 Pa++

1 of the very few lip balms which contain sun protection. its quite sticky, and it leaves white thingy (dead skin) on my lips after a few hours of application.

as you can see, i really tried alot of products from ettusais!

Just get any skincare item you will be eligible for the membership. Every $10 spent entitles you to a stamp, accumulate 20 stamps to get a $10 voucher :) Get double stamps ( Every $10 spent) on your birthday month. There will be different freebies every month, just spent the minimum amount stated and you will be entitled to them! their freebies include luggage, travel kit, make up pouch etc.

Several ettusais items made it onto the shelves at the ranking ranqueen shop in tokyo (shinjuku JR station east exit) :)

ranking ranqueen is a shop which ranks basically everything ranging from food to skincare. at the shop in shinjuku station, i realised they sell the top 3 or top5 of diff categories such as make up remover, lash serum, hair spray etc.

ettusais has a few items that made it into the top3 in the respective categories. their remover, version up, eyebrow pencil, lip essence & spot concealer made it in :) their lip essence is ranked no2 at cosme website too!

我曾有两度想要离开艾杜纱(因为受不住其它产品的诱惑),但是每次不到4个月,就会乖乖回到艾杜纱的怀里哈哈。每次回到艾杜纱,我就更坚信艾杜纱是我的救星,是我痘痘的克星 :)

1) 滲透导入液 (荳蔻魔法Up EX)Version Up EX


2) 清爽保湿水EX (荳蔻瞬間保濕化妝水EX[清爽型]) Refreshing Shooter


3)輕柔潔面皂 (荳蔻洗顏皂)Medicated ance gentle wash


4) 荳荳集中護理面膜 Medicated Pre-Acne care sheet


5)靚白亮眼凝膠 Medicated whitening eye treatment


6)隱形毛孔粉底( 零毛孔無油粉餅[清爽])Zero pore Pact (oil Block)


7)日間守護蜜粉 (DayProtect Powder)


8)美白防曬粧前底霜 (荳蔻美白防曬隔離霜 EX [清爽])Medicated acne whitening UV EX spf 24 Pa++ oil block


9)輕柔卸妝油 (藥用荳蔻零負擔卸妝油) Medicated acne gentle make off


10) 荳荳護理. 喱 (荳蔻集中護理凝膠 ) Medicated acne clear spots superior


11)雙效美白保濕水 (荳蔻美白雙效化妝水)White shooter dual effect

个人比较偏爱清爽的保湿水(Refreshing shooter),因为这款美白保湿水比较油。我用了半瓶也没看到什么美白效果。

12) 唇部修護精華 Spf 18 PA++ (护唇精华液)Lip essence


在新加坡,只要购买任何产品就可成为会员。每花$10,就能得到一个stamp,印满20个就能得到$10票券。在生日月份时,每花$10,就可获得双倍stamp. 同时,每个月艾杜纱都会有不同的赠品,如化妆包,行李箱,镜子等。非会员也可获得!只要达到最低消费就可获取 :)

我在东京时,看见艾杜纱出现在ranking ranqueen (新宿JR线,东口)的架子上。Ranking ranqueen按照销售量等将产品分等级(排名),而艾杜纱的卸妆油、滲透导入液(Version Up)、 眉笔、唇部修护精华和荳荳護理遮瑕霜(Spot concealer)就在各部门的三甲以内。:)