Friday, December 31, 2010

Review: Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

Got to know this lip balm when I was looking at dior website for the swaeovski necklace lip gloss which was introduced in early 2010. I simply adore the balm's casing! So elegant..I laid my hands on it in Nov at Changi Dutyfree. It was a few bucks cheaper than town. Lip balm was retailing at $41 at Dior counters.

This lip balm claims to responds to the color chemistry of our lips to create a shade thats uniquely yours. It comes with spf 10 as well.

Result: After application, you can see your lips slowly turning pink haha. Rather natural. Lips stay moisturised for hours too! Since it gives lips color, be sure to apply evenly.

Verdict: 9/10 A rather impressive lip balm thats worth to spurgle once in a while.

Review: DHC Olive Hand Cream

Bought this hand cream when I visited Tokyo earlier in May. Well, Im a sucker for hand cream and of cos when I saw this going for less than $10, I grabbed it almost immediately haha. If I did not remember wrongly, its retailing @ 500-600yen.


Cream texture which smells a little weird. I guess its probably the olive, but its definitely not unpleasant and overwhelming.

Hands looked oily after usage but did not left my hands feeling smooth.

An average handcream I would say, nothing too fantastic.

Verdict: 6/10

Though hands looked oily and did not felt smooth, but it did moisturised my hands in a way haha. Hands did not feel dry after usage like some lousy handcream.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Heard some good reviews from friends around me for this mask. Since my ahava deep cleansing mask is finishing, i decided to give this origins mask a try. I glad i did haha.

Origins is cheaper in HK as compared to Sg. For more details on Origins products, pls refer to my previous post.


No unpleasant smell detected. Its rather easy to apply, not too watery etc. According the the Sales assistant, i gotta leave it on for 20-30min. Its very much more time consuming as compared to my Ahava's deep cleansing mask. So I make sure I bring a magazine to the toilet whenever I use this mask LOL.

After I covered my face with 'charcoal', there was a slight 'burning' sensation. I dont really know how to describe the feeling, but it was not very uncomfortable I promise. As in I will feel something, maybe a little warm?! Cos when I was using Ahava, I experience none of this. Well, my sensitive face don react negatively to this mask so I guess the sensation is normal.

This charcoal mask can be rinsed off easily too. This is the part which Im worried about at first. Bcos its black in color, it made my rinsing job easier since I can easily spot which are the areas I've not yet wash etc. This can be a little tricky when I am using the Ahava mask previously, esp when I am not wearing my glasses.

Face looked significantly brighter after usage! A little tight but still bearable after rinse, so I always make sure I do a hydrating mask after this charcoal mask! face felt smooth. Pores seemed to look smaller as well haha!

Verdict: 9/10 My fave deep cleansing mask at the moment! 1 point deducted cos the 20min wait is kinda long esp when I am left tired and sleepy after work everyday. So I usually only use mask once a week. NExt will be the weird sensation I feel upon application.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum Leave In

Bought this hair serum cos I saw alot of magazines recommending it, won a couple of awards in those magazines' hall of fame as well.

Rather affordable, selling at around $15 @ watsons if i am not wrong. Its also available @ cold storage, guardian etc.


Smells nice though I find it a bit too strong sometimes. Texture of serum is some sort oil I feel, abit oily if I were to use too much.

Serum did help to tame frizzy hair quite a bit but it will cause my hair to be a bit oily if I use too much of it. So Ive to be really careful with the amount I use. A 50cent coin size will be enough for my short hair.

Hair felt soft and quite smooth for the whole day too.

Verdict: 8/10 1 worth trying for the results and price.

Review: Mandom Beauty Barrier Repair Hyaluronic Acid Mask (New)

Long time since my last post. Was away quite some time for a camp, glad I enjoyed it.

Anyway, this is the new edition for mandom beauty HA mask! Ive previously reviewed about mandom beauty masks. They used to have 3 kinds, now they only have the super moist & Hyaluronic acid. I only bought the latter cos I reckon super moist will be too heavy for me, just like their Q10 mask previously.

Its available @ adambeauty. I got mine during my last HK trip, 5 for 70hkd, which is slightly more expensive as compared to their previous version.
No coloring, No preservatives and no added fragrance.


Though the packaging etc is different now, im glad it still work wonders for me! Essence in gel form, really comfy. mask fits my face perfectly!

I think the moisturising effect is better compared to their previous one, face felt more smooth the next morning and skincare glided on more easily.

As usual, not so much of brightening effect in my opinion. But face do look refined after usage!

Verdict: I like it! 10/10