Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Etude House Green Tea Mask

Bought it from sunnanz when I was looking for pimple mask a few months back. well, ever since i found skin vitals tea tree mask, I dint bother trying other pimple mask after tt.

Found this mask in my storage box, so I decided to finish it off haha.

Got it for $1.7o/pc. It claims to purify skin. Do note there is added fragrance & alcohol in the ingredient list.


Mask is moderately wet, slightly too big for my face. Cant really detect the alcohol and scent.

Hydration effect was so-so, but it did look slightly brighter. No sticky feeling. I realise I always experience brightening effect from purifying mask.

Verdict: 7/10

An average mask I feel, nothing too fantastic. I prefer masks with specific function. this mask is like in between. Not super hydrating, brightening is minimal, as for purifying, im not too sure since I don have any pimples then.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Dress Me 就是爱美丽 Moisturising & Refreshing Mask

Bought this Dress Me mask yest at Sasa to replenish my mask instocks at home. Ever since I started working, I realised I mask more reguarly, without fearing that my mask will be 'too' moisturised cos the aircon in my office never fails to dry my face I feel. Moreover, my face became less pimple prone lately. *touch wood* My masks are depleting and before I stock them up again in HK in Nov, I better try more masks at Sasa so I will know what I can buy there haha.

The SA recommended me Dress Me masks. Its 2 in a packet, for $4.20. There are a few choices, like whitening, oil control etc. I got the one for moisturising.
Its available at sunnanz too. Its cheaper than Sasa too.


Cute polka dots packaging. No alcohol & fragrances added. Ingredients include aloe vera, leamon fruit extract, kiwi extract & Squalane. I remembered Squalane is one of the star ingredients found in HABA products. I think Squalane has moisturising properties.

Mask is quite wet, soaked with essence. Material is close to pulp, similar to those korean masks which claimed they are made with 100% pulp material. Mask adheres well to skin, fits my face quite nicely too.

Scent isnt strong, rather mild.

After masking for 10minutes or so, face looks significantly brighter! After massaging remaining essence, face felt soft but not super smooth kind. A little sticky too though still bearable. Face looked refined.

Face was less oily and looked radiant the next morning, but I seem to secrete more oil in the afternoon.

Verdict: 10/10 For this price, i think this mask is great for brightening and hydration effect is not too bad too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Ettusais Eye Color C BE1

Another review for eye shadows :)

Ettusais Eye color C BE1 is the 1st eye shadow which I bought for myself. It was retailing at $19 at the ettusais counter.

When I knew how much kanebo Coffret D'or ($16/color) was retailing for, I kinda regretted buying the ettusais one oops. Coffret D'or being more popular and famous for their eye shadows, was actually cheaper than Ettusais', was the reason why I regretted buying ettusais eye color at 1st. Well, Im glad the experience with etttusais eye color was rather good, hence making me feel much better.


BE1 was a very shimmery yellow beige, close to white/silver eye color. I used it as a base color.

When applied onto eye lids, color was not really obvious, but it was rather shimmery, with a pearlie effect. even the short sighted JX (100 degrees) can see the shimmers without her specs on in the dim lighting at Sakae. But she felt that the shimmers was acceptable, dint make me look too loud or what. I agreed with her, im not those who likes thick or loud make up in the 1st place.

Even when layered, color was still not obvious.

The color or should i say the shimmers was rather lasting as well, though ive slightly oily eye lids. Not flaky as well.

Verdict: 8.5/10

I hope the color would be a little more intense, if not it seems like im applying shimmers onto my eye lids. but the texture wise was great, smooth.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Silk Whitia Highly Concentrated Collagen Gel Mask

After the great experience with silk whitia mask, I bought another one to try from this range. Its the gel mask this time. After trying out mandom beauty gel mask, I fell in love with the gel like texture sheet mask.

Silk whitia can be found at the Sasa outles. I usually only wait till when there is a offer before I stock them up. If not a box of 5 will cost like $20+.


Mask was really wet, cutting and scent was similar to the previous silk whitia. Only difference was the texture of the essence. For this purple range, its more towards gel and was really comfy when applied.

Face felt more hydrated compared to the green one. Face was soft and supple after usage. Face looked radiant and smooth the next morning, skincare glide onto skin easily.

Verdict: Another great product! In fact, i prefer this to the green one :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review: Mandom Beauty Barrier Repair Q10 Mask

Another mask from Mandom beauty. Got it from Hong Kong Sasa too. Each piece is around $2 or less. it used to be available at adambeauty, but now they dont have it already :(


Similar to the previous mandom beauty mask which i've review, the essence from this mask is also gel-like, very comfy on the skin. Mask was very wet, soaked with lotsa of essence. Both masks smelled similar too, reminds me of low sugar soya bean milk haha.

Mask adhers well to skin with eye flaps. Face was felt soft and hydrated, though a little sticky compared to the hydrating mask from the same range.

Verdict: 8/10

Great mask though a little sticky after masking. Face was less oily the next day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Kanebo Coffret D'or

Was crazy over eyeshadow lately so I bought Kanebo Coffret D'or during Metro 20% sale 2 months ago.

The color that I bought are: BZ-04 & BR-72. It was retailing for about $16 each if I dint remember wrongly.


I applied only eye cream before the eye shadow. I dont have the habit of layering foundation or concealer ove my eye lids.

Both colors are rather sheer and can be layer for intensity. I find this good for a beginner like me cos I can decide how intense I want my color to be.

When applying, there isnt any flakes all over my eye area. I remembered seeing some flakes at my eye areas when I did a makeover at some other brand counter.

Its not those super shimmery kind as well, just nice I feel. Lasted long too though I've slightly oily eye lids. Unlike the previous anna sui eye shadow which ive reviewed earlier, this eye shadow dint crease.

Review: 8.5/10

Overall I feel its quite a good eyeshadow which has gd lasting power.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Skinvitals A-whiten mask

Bought this single piece when I saw it on offer for $2.95 at Watsons some time back. A box of 3 costs $13.95, there hasnt been much offer for skinvitals lately. I m waiting for their next offer to stock my T-purify.

It contains arbutin, chamomile and grape seed oil.

Result: As usual, mask was rather wet, essence dripping. mask of cloth material, felt smooth on my face. Scent was natural but I kinda hate it. I think its smells rather bad though bearable. I dono how to describe the scent though, it just smells weird.

Face dint really feel smooth, though its slightly brighter, quite hydrated too.

Verdict: 6.5/10

one of the few whitening mask which my face did not feel itchy after masking. But the brightening effect dint manage to impress me.

Review: Hisamitsu Lifecella Hydrating Mask

Bought this mask at Sasa when I was in HK. I remember it was around $2/mask. Dint see it in sg though.

There are a few choices for this mask, as usual, i got the hydrating one. I think there are firming and whitening ones available for this range.


Cant detect any scent, mask was quite wet. It adheres quite well to my face too. Face felt hydrated but not those very impressive kind i feel.

Verdict: 7/10
I think its a not bad mask, not sure if im going to repurchase though since its not readily available in SG.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: Sunsilk Hair Serum

Bought this hair serum when I saw it on offer for $1.95 at Guardian. I thought it was convenient since it was a small bottle thats very portable.


Its like a lotion texture, scent was rather strong, not too bad but not my fave though. Doesnt really help to tame my frizzy hair and I felt it wasnt moisturising enough for my hair.

Verdict: 6/10

Love the fact that is really portable, but it dint do much for my hair.