Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Origins Out of Trouble Mask

Bought this as a package in Hong Kong last Nov. It comes together with their famous Clear Improvement Mask & Drink up Mask. All 3 for$60 only! Its retailing for around $42 each in sg.. HK is really a shopping paradise haha.

Have to leave mask on for 10min before rinsing off.


The scent of this mask smells like those medicine which I used to put on my tiny ulcers in my mouth. similar to the clear improvement mask, a tingling sensation can be felt once applied, but its nothing too unpleasant as usual. Very cooling once rinsed off. Zits look less red after usage. Can be easily rinsed off as well.

I always applied hydrating mask after using this mask. I think when combined with Clear improvement mask, they more or less keep some zits at bay. Won't irritate zits even if i applied on them.

Verdict: 8/10 Worth trying if you've pimple prone skin like me!

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miaoee said...

i wanna buy also! when we go out u bring me go and buy okay! (: